FOLLOWING OUR DREAMS – “Dream it, then scheme it!”

me (2)When I fell and broke my arm in April, I was pretty sure my traveling days were over. Thanks to the gentle nudging and belief of my friend, Sherry Humphreys, by August I was dreaming of another getaway. I had long wanted to lead an art retreat for my students and friends, and with Sherry’s encouragement, by September we were dreaming dreams! My plan was to find a beautiful destination for plein aire painting, not too far away and easily accessible. At seventy seven, my hiking skills aren’t too keen, and I remembered Sedona from a workshop I had taken, so that was an easy choice.

Another Art Chix friend, Diane Kasek Birkner, signed up and the three of us were off:

IMG_1501 Seeing an opportunity to travel, Nona Mae tried to stow away.getting ready

I had carefully booked a nonstop flight to Phoenix with a two hour drive to Jerome. I was sure we would arrive long before dark. God laughed! An early morning fog meant our flight was canceled. We had lunch in San Diego, then flew on to Phoenix. What this meant was that Diane was driving after dark on a narrow mountain road with rain and mist adding to the mix. Sherry and I kept very quiet, not telling Diane about the 2000 foot drop if we went over the edge! We prayed a good deal!

We arrived in the beautiful old mining town of Jerome, cold, wet and hungry.

Fortunately, the hostess at our Ghost City Inn directed us to a fantastic restaurant where pizza and a glass of wine refreshed us.

IMG_1506 I chose this old house because of the incredible views from the porch upstairs, and the ghosts reputed to be in residence:

ghost city inn


The mining middle managers used this old house as a boarding house and I can just imagine their view out over the valley. On the back were cold, wet steep stairs, and after climbing a third set of stairs up to the bedrooms, we snuggled down in our warm rooms surrounded by beautiful antiques. The tiny pink bathroom had a lovely stained glass window! Tomorrow: Hail, sleet and snow! What adventures await us?

Dianes room (2)bathroomIMG_1188

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