1  Day Two dawned bright and clear – NOT! We stepped out onto our porch and saw fog, mist, drizzle and little else. Very carefully, we left our rooms and went downstairs to the breakfast room.

IMG_1523 (2)     2Our hostess had laid juice, yogurt, fresh melons and fruit and hot coffee for us to enjoy while we admired the antiques on display. She prepared a delicious mild green chili corn stew with cheese melted inside it. Simply delicious! Served with hot cornbread and an orange slice, it made a beautiful picture. Too bad we were too busy eating to grab a photo.

Climbing down still more stairs, we took time to admire the beauty of the old Inn, complete with graveyard and a graveyard cat – about the biggest I’ve ever seen. She’s got plenty of fur to carry her through the winter and was very friendly. 5 4 3

 6 We spent the morning visiting galleries, which are very high quality and numerous, and admiring the town. Everything is up and down – no level spots anywhere!

7While shooting this photo, I noticed the couple walking into the gallery had white spots all over their  coats – sleet or hail! It was chilly and windy, but finally the sun came out and we caught a view of the Verde Valley

IMG_1524 (2)and Cottonwood, far below. 8We left Jerome, vowing to return and paint in this beautiful old town, and headed north to Sedona. The clouds were amazing, drifting across the mountains, dropping rain intermittently with the sun shining between the storms. In Sedona, while my partners shopped for groceries I sat in the car and watched rain, sleet, snow and hail fly across my windshield. Our patio had ice on the picnic table and chairs.

9A2 9A1IMG_1516 (2)

Although it was beautiful on the red rocks, I went to bed wondering if we’d waited too late to paint plein aire in the High Desert of Arizona. 9B

Sherry, always philosophical, said: “It’ll be fine, just you wait and see.”

Tomorrow: The sun’s gonna shine on my back once again!


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