The Many Faces of Art, Breaking it Down

image Adrienne Baer’s Picasso study 

After our first day of making faces, in more ways than one, we moved on in our study of portraits. We searched online for lesson plans that would encourage without intimidating. I found excellent ideas on videos, and we quickly moved into the lessons aimed at elementary school age. We felt comfortable and playful as we studied Picasso and had a great time with construction papers and pastels.  While each of us found this a joyful experience, as a teacher I was excited to see the diversity of results. Each of us had a unique style.

Coming into a classroom with the mindset of a child seems like a really good idea. If nobody tells you that you can’t do something, maybe you can! Here are a few other portraits done that day:

Studies by Drew Carpenter and Robin Telano
imageSelf Portrait Picasso style – S. E. Bland

Within a short time, we surprised ourselves when we left preconceived notions aside. Tomorrow, we find some real inspiration!


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